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You're talking about fashion though, not a matter of game mechanics that effects balance or connectivity to the game etc... you're talking vanity. That's my only point. I'm quite sure there are enough other game breaking fixes on their to do list that take priority over hoods on vs off, and in my view, content, more content is always better than something as surface level as hood on/off.
In MMOs different teams work on different parts of the game. So the art team working on a hood toggle doesn't means any less content. The same applies to the game breaking fixes which are patched and fixed.

At present I can only think a few game breaking bugs and their mainly do with warzones.

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I do however see the problem from a different view, no matter what it was, if it was something that the devs promised would have happened by now, they should follow through with it, it's not a matter of the hoods anymore but rather of customer service. At least explain WHY they haven't implemented the change they promised, if there were good reason they can't do it, I'd accept that, but to allow a thread like this go on and on without response in my mind is leaving the players reason to be upset.... "the issue proved to be more complicated than initially thought... we had other higher priority fixes to deal with... loss of manpower has caused us to reprioritize." something right?

Like I said, I really don't have a dog in this fight, hood on / off, minor, not game breaking, not a big deal, but if it was promised it should be delivered on, or at least have a reasonable response to the wave of protest over this.
The hood toggle issue is made worse by the fact that for last 9 months Bioware have used marketing images of Jedi Battlelord with the hood down and there is promo video of a Jedi with same armor and the hood is down.

The art models are in game, the assets there to used and some 8 months after release they still have not released and there has been very little dev comments on why.

There is no reason why we can't at least have hood down variations on existing robes.