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09.21.2012 , 03:02 PM | #7
Depends on MMO experience.

If you are fairly new.... I can say PT is the way to go. So far from the 4 AC's I've tried it's by far the easiest IMO. Not ranged... but has SOME ranged attacks.

For ranged... Like someone said. Sorcs are a TON of fun. By far the funnest class I've played so far... but definitely a little bit of a learning curve. Not the easiest by any means but if you have MMO experience and understand how to utilize the defensives and understand proc, kiting and basically MMO 101 kinda stuff you'll be fine.

And I can't say from experience but snipers are definitely a strong ranged class and I hear they're a lot of fun to play as well. It's going to be my next class for sure.