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I predict that a team that can do the following will easily take out The Elite

1. Post a sentinel on Nemm full time prior to game and during game. This is the only player on Nemm purely to grief/distract.
2. Post a 2nd sentinel or a smash guardian on their 2nd healer full time prior to game
3. Get your remaining dps (less 1 stealthy defending the other node) and smash lio every time you see him. If Lio isnt around take out Thrash, if both are dead take out their generally harlequinised gunslinger. Ignore their other dps as they are weak and irrelevant. Ignore Juria too.. you will never kill the guy. When their healers cannot cope with healing their dps because they are also under pressure you will begin to feel the power of this playstyle.
4. Have a tank defend your healers at all times switching guard and working out how to press taunt. Tell them if you see them below 75k protection they are going to be booted from group.
5. Have a stealthy defend your other node and sap delaying in stealth and calling for help.

The issue I see is that The Elite aren't particularly good. Its just that the opposition is not organised and players just hit randomly targetted healers rather than an organised and disciplined effort to harass healers and shut down The Elite's callers and dps.

If you can minimise the pressure applied by their dps and put their callers into the graveyard so they can not call you will win the game.
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