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Here are my thoughts on this if you want a melee tank class you go with a juggy/guardian or assassin/shadow if you want a ranged tank you go for vanguard/powertech if you want the ranged tanks to use melee weapons it would force BW to make a whole new skill set same if you want melee tanks to use ranged weapons which imo would be a waist of time because while they are doing that they could be working on something else how ever i do think a bit more mobility in PVP would be nice for some classes like instead of having it where you get your armor with a jet-pack on it the ject-pack is an equipable item where they implement some sort of mounted combat and you are able to buzz around the WZ/RWZ for a short time at a suitable height and and fight that way but have the jet-pack have a cooldown so it is not spamed/bugged w/e also how defined do you want your class to be? we all got something the other class does not mercs/commandos get charged burst PT/ VG get flame burst commando/merc get heals whereas PT/ VG do not we all have something unique and if you dont like your class or advanced class well i got some news for ya "DONT PLAY IT IF YOU DONT LIKE IT" that simple maybe how ever a carbine or an smg like an MP5 or an uzi would be nice for the BH but there are alot of big blasters out there and they are very close to what an smg size would be there are 2 nice blasters from the pvp weapon vender on the fleet that look like mini G3's and some that look like a small uzi but if you had not noticed that game is still less than a year old so give it time look how long it took LOTRO to bring in mounted combat and now this fall LOTRO has it so why get upset at something that is not in the game at this moment? just wait and continue to enjoy this wonderful game that BW/EA have taken the time to make for us

PS. I dont know of any other game that lets us upgrade our weapons/armor