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I am not quite sure about that, although I wish the in-game fight was canon, because Drallig owns Vader a few times in that battle IIRC.
I wouldn't mind it so much, if Cin was just a regular jedi master. However he isn't..

1. He was trained by Yoda specifically in lightsaber combat.

2. He became a master swordsmen, which takes years of training and practice.

3. Became the Blademaster of the Jedi Order, this title and position given by the High Council.

4. Taught both Obi-Wan and Anakin in lightsaber combat.

5. Know this isn't really a feat or anything, but Vader reflected back on his actions and him crossing blades with his former teacher was one of his clearer memories.

Anyway have rambled on long enough, this ain't the thread for all this and have already put up a Fan-fic about their fight. So here is my Top 10 games!


2. X-wing vs TIE fighter

3. Star wars EAW/FOC

4. Star Wars: Rouge Squadren

5. Star wars: Academy

6. Star wars battlefront 2

7. Star wars battlefront 1

8. TFU 1/2

9. Star wars; Outcast

10. Star wars: Rebel Assault
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