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09.21.2012 , 01:23 PM | #8
Ok so fair is fair....Remove all none slot specific armorings from PvE endgame loot tables. Then PvP folks dont have to Farm PVE encounters to Get armorings for their Wrist and Belt...Because no one else will have them either. Fixed.

Oh and on this note...BW any tips on what to do with the 4 glove, and 4 boots WH armorings that I have laying around my bank from fixing the horrible itemization of your gear?

We are not children(you dont have to punish us because your design had a loop hole) stop worrying so much about this kind of pointless dribble....Average the prices across all pieces and then remove the Slot specific tag then no one can buy the cheap pieces because there are none.....Instead you created an inconvenient complicated mess with armorings....Pfft.
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