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09.21.2012 , 01:22 PM | #22
EDIT - Post idea #2 in the suggestion forums, IMO.

I completely agree, Mercs/Commandos need some kind of mobility tool. Though, I think #1 would exploit terrain too well and make Mercs the best huttball carriers. #2, as a Disengage, would be the best option IMO. It would utilize the jetpack and jump backwards in a straight line

-Snipers/Slingers are more like turrets and are good at facetanking. Where they lack mobility, they make up for it with defensive abilities. Additionally, I've had snipers roll into cover right out of my jugg's ravage. (I'm in no way saying that rolling into cover is RELIABLE mobility.)

-Sorcerers/Sages have force speed, which is a pretty reliable gap opener. They also have 2 talented roots and a baseline on-use slow in addition to their knockback.

What do Commandos and Mercenaries have?

-They have 1 baseline knockback, 1 talented knockback (which is being turned into a melee range root), and 1 talented RNG slow (will be knocked down to 30% from 50% next patch)

All 3 of these classes have a hard stun, a mez, and an interrupt (as of next patch).

Adding the disengage would work well for Mercs and for Commandos it could be a "Defensive Roll" kind of thing.

I support idea #2.