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We've seen that instead of acquiring an entire set of gear players would often purchase the "cheap" slots multiple times and simply move the mods over into the "expensive" items, allowing players to acquire their gear much more quickly than intended. Now that most of our offhand items have mod slots we are seeing a similar pattern occur with main hand and offhand items.

We plan to make these slot restrictions more consistent in the future
Thanks for this.

TL;DR some players were "gaming" the intention of the designers. Some would call this exploiting, though I would not in this case, but it is a gray area. It is however gaming the system for unintended outcomes, and personally I am glad to see Bioware is attentive to this AND is working to adjust the modable gear to give players the results intended by design, while eliminating the ability to game the design intention.

Players are clever and will find every possible short cut in an MMO. It keeps the development team on their toes too.
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