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but seriously, isn't ruin supposed to be the leet from fatman? not trolling... turning point, sts, and ruin... but the other 2 "quit" is what i've heard... if ur from fatman then inform me...
Ruin is bad, but they fled Fatman to some RP server last I heard. I was the last active member in Turning Point, most are unsubbed, few others playing on another server. STS has 2 members left that sporatically log-in, no idea if they plan to comeback but I doubt it. I AM LEGEND & Dark Blood G'z are pretty solid. G'z have a decent amount of players that they work in. Not even sure if they try to que an A team anymore or not, but unlike others I've ran into over here, they at least understand objective based PvP. The amount of droolers around is astonishing.