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09.21.2012 , 12:49 PM | #1
I have really loved the story aspects of the game. The stories have been amazing. I am always in anticipation of what comes next in the story.

However getting really frustrated since we were all forced to move.

So now that we have all been relegated like cattle to servers, once again the resource battles begin. As you move thru areas resources are flat out not available in many areas due to the high populations.

What is being done to help out with this?
I would rather be on a low population server where I can actually harvest resources rather than be on a server like a bunch of sardines with no resources available.

What is the Bioware plan to solve some of this issue? Especially since we were forced to move?
Can we get some reduced timers on the items or something? It completely blows to have to spend a good portion of the money you earn on sending crew members on missions since you cant find resources. Especially with how ridiculously expensive everything gets in the game.