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KOTOR: The graphics might look strange now but for their time they were fantastic and polished. I played this game a lot; several playthroughs making different choices and such. I've loaded it onto every computer I've had since I bought it and played it through once. I loved the characters and the story; it was incredibly immersive and fun.

KOTOR2: It was a prettier game and the game mechanics were an improvement but it felt unfinished, rushed, and somewhat schizophrenic the whole way through. The root plot was very intriguing but it was also quite muddled and never fully fleshed out or made sense to me. There were whole plot lines that just kind of petered out or ended abruptly with no real conclusion, making the end product feel anticlimactic and very rough. It's a game that I wish was better than it was because I wanted to like it more than I did.
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