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Hi guys,

This is for all newish tanks that keep saying that the only real choice for a tanking relic are the ones with a steady shield rate as opposed to an "on use" relic that increases shield and absorb rate by a lot but for a short time.

This is as far from the truth as you come. Yes it is good on majority of the fights however there are several fights in the game that will give you better survival with other relics. So for those select few fights you might want to consider using other relics with on use effects. The fights where you might want to consider using a on-use relic are the high spike damage fights where you will be taking high damage for a limited time. This puts less strain on healers during spike damage phases and increases your overall chance of survival. Math suggests you take less damage througout a fight with the WH relic however getting killed as a tank is most often occurring when spike damage hits and your healers can't keep up. This is only in the case that people otherwise do as they should be doing. Assuming such you can prevent tank deaths in a lot of incidents by taking that spike away.

For those tanks attempting to do jarg and sorno on 16 man nightmare you are helped a lot by using on use relics due to the fact that after a certain point damage keeps increasing and you have to do tank rotations. Relics with on use will further increase the time you can tank before you end up getting one-shot.

Another example of a spike fight is Foreman Crusher - although not as difficult as jarg and sorno on 16 man using relics with on use in conjunction with one defensive cooldown can totally negate the spike damage from his frenzy. This also means you never have to switch between tanks.

A last example of a fight with high spike damage is Kephess in ec hm either 8 or 16 his spike damage can be negated. of course taking the debuff off the tank helps a lot as well however the amount of time you are tanking is very short before other tank takes over you can use 1 defensive ability together with a relic and then switch to other defensive cd and use last relics. depending on class you will have different amounts of def. cd's but generally speaking you will in many cases always have something up to pop.

relics i am talking about here are the ones ending with Imperiling Serenity and Shrouded Crusader. Check out Torhead for the ones im talking about.

So in conclusion - your relics can be switched and should be switched depending on what fight you're on. Don't just leave the relics on and dismiss other relics being better in other situations.