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A necessary addition to 1.4: Everyone I know who has played a commando knows they are a gimped class. I have a 50 Vanguard in battlemaster that outdamages my Commando in full War Hero completely aug'd. (Both are assault spec'd) The big difference between the two that I have noticed is that my Vanguard procs HIB far more often than my Commando. Why is this? The reason lies with charged bolts. A Vanguard has both Ion pulse and stockstrike to proc HIB. Both of these are instant abilities. Whereas the Commando has a channeled (full-auto) and charged bolts which has a 2 second cast time. Charged bolts usually gets interrupted for one and for two IT TAKES 2 SECONDS. The worst part about it is more than half the time it doesn't even proc HIB after waiting those 2 seconds. I think Commandos need an instant ability as a secondary to proc HIB to balance the class.
This is so true I have a Bounty Hunter Mercenary and a Trooper Vanguard and I tested the exact thing and got the same results.