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09.21.2012 , 10:47 AM | #16
Kind words indeed, our members are active and enthusiastic to say the least. Scheduled events are starting now, and Guild representation. yes other guilds are stronger in PVP then we are at the moment, but we are in it to have fun win or lose. and one good thing is that no matter if we win or lose, we ALWAYS stick together. we stand together and die together (In game of course). We have lots of military and prior military within our ranks, and students from HS to College sticking tough.

Though we aren't a care bear guild, we do care, and will do what we can to help you in game to get gear, get leveled and of course get understanding of your class. Our SM/HM Ops groups are doing great and the friendships formed are great as well.

We are also accepting smaller guilds looking for more support to join with us. Not only will this allow for solid gameplay but will boost the experience as a player and knowledge of FPs/Ops groups. We have an abundance of 50s are readying for our 16 mans just needing geared.

if you are a a level 1 or 50 looking for a new home look no further we will take you as long as you aren't immature over 15 and are a team player.
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