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As we mentioned a while back, in lieu of the written weekly Q&A (which we removed due to player feedback), we've increased our DAILY communication on the forums. As an example, please take a look at the Dev Tracker, which is full of useful developer answers as delivered by Allison Berryman.

This livestream Q&A's specific goal is to talk specifically about Game Update 1.4 and the new Free-to-Play option coming out later this Fall. Have any other questions? Ask them in the forums and if they are well-constructed questions, your chances of being answered by our developers will increase substantially. Keep in mind that there is always a limit as to what can be discussed, so we won't be able to answer every single question.
Still you failed to answer the number one question on socializer's and role-player's minds: When will we finally get speech bubbles?
I've cancelled my subscription due to the lack of Chat Bubbles.
I will never give EA or Bioware another cent or play any of their games or use any of their software again until speech bubbles that fully display /say, /yell and /emote chat are implemented in Star Wars: The Old Republic and the needs of socializers and roleplayers are finally taken seriously.