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09.21.2012 , 09:21 AM | #15
While undergoing personal family duress, I am on leave from guild administration and simply appreciating playing the game to help me forget while we all deal with the situation. While on leave, I can recall how much this online family feels to me like a group who is supportive, caring, and encouraging.

This isn't uncommon for people to help at times like this. What comes to mind is that people are not merely sympathetic, they are empathetic and even adamant that I take time off to deal with this. I can't help feeling that I was given a loving shove back into reality to deal with family first, red tape and desk work in the guild later.

This group cares.

Thank you guys. I'll keep recruiting as I can, as I always have with my big mouth. And when I'm ready, the Force will always be my guide and also my toolkit.

To anyone reading this not yet in our guild: we welcome you with open arms and blasters ready. Bring your passion, bring your serenity, bring your skillz and farm your credits. We're hitting Denova and about ready to hammer hard modes on Prophecy of the Five, <Republic of TAW> and <Empire of TAW>. Send mails to swtorinfo at TAW.NET (there's more, but these will get you where you need to go too).

The Force is with you always
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