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You are doing something worng. HM is a bit harder due to additional mechanics, but if you know how to counter it's not something people can't manage. I healed this countless times, did it recently too on HM (having 4 BM pieces and 1 columi), never had a problem once so far beating it. No one was overgeared. Normal mode FPs OP? For new players possibly, for someone who knows the mechanics it's walk in the park. All of them. There are guides out there you know, go read them, know what and when to do instead of complaining on the forums about something that is not justified.
Trust me I know the fight never really checked the peoples gear around me but Malgus seems easier at times. If I know my party this is a breeze but certain pugs seem to have a much more challenging time. I am not screaming nerf in any way.