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09.21.2012 , 08:28 AM | #25
I did HM EV yesterday greeding on BCA's and got at least 1 when pushing greed.

When I run FP's with my level 40 smuggler I will often times I say up front that they can need on Cunning gear if they need for comps because I am usually over geared (My bf's 50 runs me for gear). Although it doesn't seem to drop any cunning gear lately, lol.

I ALWAYS pass on Jedi Knight gear on my shadow (I don't even have a STR comp), but everything else I hit "Greed" on. (Most of my comps are Tionese geared anyway, and plan to use my comms to get them all to columi, but anyway...)

I always hit greed, if someone needs it, that is ok, cuz they are like 10k on teh GTN on my server (cheap cheap!).
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