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09.21.2012 , 07:54 AM | #24
When not in guild run it's always tricky (and usually nobody cares to talk about it anyway when FP starts), so my point of view on Biometric's and other stuff is:

- Biometric Crystal Alloy: I usually wait a bit to see what others do, rolling on the other stuff in the meanwhile, and then I decide what to choose. If someone chooses Need, I'll choose Need. If everyone else chooses Greed, I'll choose Greed.
Not sure if all people use those crystals for crafting, but I have Armscraft, and: if I get them on the roll, great, I'll have use for them for that crafting skill. If not, no problem.

- Regular non-Class stuff (green/blue/orange): Being currently a lvl50 (columi/BH/Rakata geared) , I always Greed, like everyone else (for selling/reverse-Eng.). (Orange stuff: while leveling the toon I choose Need when it's my stats and I need the item/mods inside, Greed if it's lower level than mine, Pass when it's not my stat based (willpower, strength...)).

- Valuable non-Class stuff (Exotech): Always Pass on stuff that doesn't have my stats, like Willpower, Strength, etc... I leave them to others to use on their companions (or to sell).

- Class locked valuable stuff (schematics/Tionese/Columi/Rakata): Always Pass if it's not my class, others will certainly find use for it. Greed on my class Tionese/Columi stuff if I don't need those for me, but could use to equip a regular companion I use, or sell later. Need on my class Rakata/schematics if I need it for me or for the companion I use the most (if I already have the item on me and regular companion, I'll choose Pass).

On OPs it's more easy since I do them with the guild.