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09.21.2012 , 07:43 AM | #96
1. Will 1.4 or F2P include better functionality for guilds such as a guild calendar or the ability to see other guild members crew skills? These and other guild features were talked about back at the guild summit and have yet to be implemented or even talked about since.

2. Will there be an Op ready-check included in either 1.4 or at the time that F2P goes live?

3. Are you going to have a preview of items available in the new Cartel Coin shop sometime in the near future (next couple of weeks) or will we have to wait for it to go live to see specific items you will be offering?

4. Will we have to use our "bonus" cartel coins for being past subscribers to purchase Makeb? I personally would like that to just be given to us so that we can use those bonus cartel coins as we see fit.