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Hey guys, Chippy here! Excuse any errors as I'm using a mobile device!

Firstly thanks for the huge support from everyone and especially to the players from USA and Europe for supporting us although this doesnt affect them.

Can we please keep it civil, and keep the concerns coming!

Quote: Originally Posted by CommunitySupport View Post
Hello everyone! We thank you for taking the time to constructively express your concerns, but want to remind you that "bumping" and other posts that do not contribute to discussion (such as "/signed" and "+1") are not allowed. We encourage you to continue discussing the issues that are important to you, but ask that you avoid making posts that do not have content that can be discussed. Thank you!
At least they are watching this thread closely, les not breach the rules.

Secondly I am very disappointed with the following tweet


There are pages and pages of comments in this thread with zero response from an online community manager such as yourself. Someone sends you a 5 second tweet and you replied with the above. I have put a lot of thought and effort in this post and am disappointed there is still no official reply.

Joveth, perhaps you could contact me via my email address in my account details and discuss this matter further?

To the community

Remember Do not give up! keep e posts coming, email customer service, get on twitter, etc etc.

In my opinion we are not getting what we pay for, we are getting a sub standard product, and we are not getting the same gaming experience as the rest of the world. We have to keep our voices heard. Just because we are in a different part of the world we should not be ignored or treated like second rate customers.

Give us a fair go!

This is only the start, I will Continue the fight for the APAC and oceanic community.