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09.21.2012 , 04:31 AM | #91
things we all wot like to see i swtor.
1. sith soldier armor Red/Silver one from kortor 1 that armor the soldiers was wearing on taris.
2. planetary houseing.
3. the old mandalorien armor, the one that starkiller was wearing. blue/yellow, and red.
4. speeder racecourse or betting on other players or Npc.
5. pazzak.
6 working casinos where you can make a bet and win credits.
7. customize youre spaceship.
8. guildships/halls
9. history of what happened to the Ebon-hawk.
10. tradeble imperial trooper armor set.
11. lover price for legacy armor.

i hope you will make some of this change.

from Eseyrider and thank you