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12.19.2011 , 10:47 PM | #1
I know this has probably been said in the past, I want to address it.

I would like to see more ship types in the game. Not only the ones that the Classes get, but other types. I would like to break ships from classes as well. I would like to see some choice. I would also like to see some variation in the ships. Have a dock master in a couple ports willing to paint the ships.

To that I propose that there be three grades of dock masters. The first grade allows one color change at a time. The second two colors. The top of the line, three colors. Give ships a bit of diversity.

I also think that this kind of modification would work on visible crafted items. Three color slots. Allow the person crafting the armor to choose colors when they go to make the item. Making the colors a crafted item out of biochem. find someone with the color you want and add the colors in the slot you want. I do not think that making the color slots dependent on skill is a good idea. I do however think that if your at a crafting station, on your ship or at the item modification station you get the slots when you go to craft. It would make the armor a lot more customizable. Send the companions off to so what ever harvest skill and then go to a craft station to make a blue uniform outfit. I think the base colors are alright, but when you put in the colors you make it to order.