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Here's the response from forwarding a ticket about this several days ago.

Thank you for contacting us to let us know about your query on Asia Pacific server consolidations's additional character slot.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenienced caused.

I apologize, however, I am unable to comment further on your query because the information that you are requesting has not yet been made available to players through the official website. Please note that all of the most up-to-date Star Wars ™: The Old Republic™ information currently available can be found on our website.

I also recommend that you post feedbacks and suggestions in the Suggestion Box area of the official Community Forums. Please remember that we are always open to hearing constructive feedback and ideas from our players.

The development team often offer teasers and previews of new content and address player concerns directly on the forums, and the Developer Tracker is a quick way to see all of the most recent forum posts from Star Wars: The Old Republic developers. You can find the Dev tracker here:

Don’t forget to sign-up for our newsletter so you can be among the first to receive our announcements:

Thank you again for letting us know about your concern.

Should you need further assistance with this matter or any other concerns you may encounter while playing, please do not hesitate to let us know.


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Apologies mean squat if nothing is being done. Like the most recent Dev post, it's the same 'ol generic slap in the face to the Oceanic community. Decent customer service would at least try and appease us, rather than continuing to upset the player base.

EAware has show total disregard to any issues that have arisen from this weeks maintenance. Even the US/European have been getting vague, uninformative responses to issues regarding character names, last minute announcements of additional server mergers, etc.

They seem to have all their hopes pinned on F2P making this game successful, yet they seem to be happy to drive off their actual paying customers.