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09.21.2012 , 01:33 AM | #1
2)We Haz Cookies, Dead Weight, Full Resolve

Okay the good news is all 5 teams are perfectly capable of beating every other team, and they quite regularly do so. The reason for 3 teams in two spot is because Full Resolve has a winning record against Cookies, but a losing record against Dead Weight(mostly due to hutball). Cookies has a winning record against Dead Weight, though looking at a more recent snap shot they have been even. I could supply more details, but basically the teams are in an ideal spot so close to each other that its difficult to untangle who really falls where. For now we will say that Ascendency is a pinch ahead of the group and BJ is a pinch behind. Not a large gap in either direction though

On a side note Ascendency it sounds like the Full Resolve is the only team that's seen you in the last 2?3? weeks. And that didn't go particularly well for you. If anyone else has played them in the last 2 weeks pls let me know. Otherwise Ascendency come defend your title I see plenty of challengers and the ques have been active.

As a further disclaimer there are other teams, but these could be considered the "major league" of pvp for our server. If any of these teams beat yours don't be discouraged, there are plenty of other teams out there that won't rip you to shreds like these do. If you beat one of these teams and you're not on the list Great Job! Now do it again the next day when they are on their mains