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12.19.2011 , 10:46 PM | #23
Im with the OP when he says that achievements would be cool. When people want to know about your skills and and experience (Raiding, Groups, etc) you can link them what you have done. This is not for gloating purposes or for any other reason other than information gathering. I am also with the dev's though when they decided to not post server wide messages and server first achievements and what not, because then you will just be skipping every conversation and storyline just to get to end game as fast as possible to get some server firsts. Assuming you have played the content already is fine, but if you have not then it is defeating the purpose of enjoying the game. I believe that WoW definitely ruined a lot of the sense of community that MMO's used to offer. Instead of getting to know each other as a server community, it has now been turned into what we have in the real world. i.e. everyone secluding themselves in their homes (guilds) and not going outside to meet new people or enjoy the company of others. It's all just become one big rat race that I came to MMO's to escape in the first place. Anyway, im rambling, enjoy your time with Star Wars or whatever MMO you decide to go with. Safe Travels.