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09.20.2012 , 08:49 PM | #81
F2P Question 1: Has there been any discussion on allowing Cartel Coins to be used to purchase race unlocks instead of just the level 50/X million(s) of credits options in use now?

F2P question 2: Could we ever see some of the Social gear sets turn up in the "Store"? Or perhaps a method to purchase Other faction gear without the conversion happening like it does now? For example, I would be able to use Cartel Coins to buy bound orange shells of Sith armor for my jedi. Any shot at this?

1.4 Question: Can you go into any more detail on the various optimizations you have done for video performance beyond shadows? Specifically I am looking for answers like "We made another pass at texture rendering" or "We have adjusted long distance rendering to improve performance". That sort of thing. I am curious to know where I should expect the best improvements.