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09.20.2012 , 08:48 PM | #6
Here's my list: Updated since 09/27/12

Mara: Shikigami, Davito, B-ry and Luc
DPS Juggernaut: Daartha
Tank Juggernaut: Nerdrage
Heal Sorcerer: haven't seen a good healer like Lammaz and Nige anymore..
DPS Sorcerer: none so far..
DPS Assasin: Limbonic
Tank Assasin: haven't seen a Pom level tankasin..
DPS Ops: HIT and Dear
Heal Ops: Primate, Community and Pixelshader
Sniper: none so far..
DPS Merc: Zirkx
Heal Merc: Zirkx
Pyrotech: Zarth and Ward.

Sentinel: First and Drof
DPS Guardian: Growing-rage, Elendil
Tank Guardian: Irritated
Heal Sage: Nemm, Takyourmeds. Blupowerade is getting there
DPS Sage: Ayanami so far...
DPS Shadow: Juria, Y'vaine, Fugue
Tank Shadow: None now since almost all shadows respecced to DPS
DPS Scoundrel: Deanh takes this spot atm.
Heal Scoundrel: Bibles
Gunslinger: Terrytate and Coral
Heal Commando: NKBE and Jumpsuit.
DPS Commando: Mosus
Vanguard: Chieftain