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Mara: Tyraxx
DPS Juggernaut: Winspec
Tank Juggernaut: -
Heal Sorcerer: -
DPS Sorcerer: Ord
DPS Assasin: -
Tank Assasin: Charged?
DPS Ops: Seimei
Heal Ops: Community
DPS Merc: Fatmess
Heal Merc: Chippeh
Pyrotech: jump

Sentinel: First
DPS Guardian: Growing-Penor
Tank Guardian: Zimass
Heal Sage: Nemm
DPS Sage: Xullor
DPS Shadow: There's only me and Animaul atm need moar infil!
Tank Shadow: Y'vaine/Voldin
DPS Scoundrel: Gramps
Heal Scoundrel: Bibles
Gunslinger: Terry or Accer
Heal Commando: Ayameh
DPS Commando: Darkrich
Vanguard: Chieftain
Tom the Narwhal - <Toxic>

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