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Zero and mean had gotten away clean, and after sweeping the ship for tracking and lisiening divices, were now in hyperspace.

"we need to report in to jadus." she hit the holocom, and jadus appeared on the comm.

"Agents, report."

Darth Ravvok made a direct attack on the mandalorion fleet. most of our men were killed, and we were forced to retreat or be capured. when we fled, ravvok and his jedi were still on the ship."

jadus stood there a moment in silence "fool. he failed in his attack the first time, so he tryes again, and wastes our men on a hopeless attack. if he still lives, he will have to be delt with. you were right to leave him. I have a better assignment for you agents. I have hired a pair of bounty hunters to assassnate mandalore. you two are to assist them in the assassnation. I will get him on the line now." jadus then called up blast on the holocom's confrence call