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I only see two options:

1) Consolidate all of the APAC servers into a single server.
Pros: Good latency
Cons: Which server type (PvE, RP, PVP, RP-PVP) for the single server? Bound to piss off some customers who are forced into something they do not want.

2) Merge APAC servers back to US West
Pros: Everyone keeps their server type
Cons: Back to bad latency.

This is a difficult choice which will inevitably lead to one group of people being happy and another being pissed off. I can see why Bioware hasn't done anything about it yet because they can't win no matter what they do.
Actually if they do anything it should be:
Offer players on DG/MDN the choice of going to Dalborra or back to a West Coast US PVP/RP server. Some people care more about latency, some care more about RP/PVP. One solution does not fit all so you give people a choice.

That said: I'm on Dalborra so I'm all for boosting our population but I don't suffer any of the downsides of a server transfer. I feel for the people on GD/MDN though.