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Populations on the Oceanic servers are certainly an issue that needs to be addressed, I notice that during the day the Imperial Fleet typically has 40-60 people on while in the evenings it seems to average 100-120.
When the servers first opened I'd often see well over 300 on fleet of an evening, the starter worlds with >100 people in various zones etc.

Merging three very distinct communities and removing entirely (I presume quite safely I think, that PvE is the common ground), dedicated PvP and RP servers is a rather desperate measure - it'll certainly address the particular (and important) issue of population (in the short term) but the negative effects may also be quite significant - particularly going forward if new players attracted to the game don't have these well established MMO options.
There has to be a better answer.

My impression is that BW only has a few thousand subscribers on the Oceanic servers (whatever the actual number, it's a tiny fraction of their whole player base). It doesn't seem likely that there can there be a clear business case for pursuing x-server solutions (which additionally, they've been totally against for philosophical reasons right from the start).
I say this because EA is all about the bottom line and the only way we'll see action on it is if both the numbers add up and BW has the capacity and interest to pursue it.
... and now that I've mentioned capacity and interest - BW is clearly busting a gut just to get content out and finish off "quality of life" features that have been missing from key features for quite some time.

There's also that not-insignificant project they're working on to add 5 extra levels to the game and the new world Makeb (amongst other things). There's been precious little work on updating / improving existing class abilities & features and as we've seen most recently with the proposed 1.4 changes, the things they are working on are highly peripheral yet also clumsily controversial.

The PTS though it had been sitting idle for months (aside presumably from internal use) wasn't ready for more than a handful of players to use. When you look at the company as a whole it's clear that it's divided into teams who each have their own goals, directions and valuations; The chance we'll see BW somehow pull themselves together to get properly organized and tackle things in a more thoughtful, cohesive manner really seems quite slim.