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09.20.2012 , 05:23 PM | #50
I rolled a toon on the bastion and dalborra to keep my options open
While waiting for bioware to sort this out and from my experience I feel that As small a population as master D has the quality of the pvp is 1000 times better Players are more competitive

Right now master D has a population comparable to a 24man bf3 server most nights
And I understand that bioware wants to keep the pve rp and pvp servers open to allow us apac player choice
But honestly the Aus and Nz gaming community is too small and is already spread thin across multiple platforms
And there's just not enough people to support 3 servers

I'm not offering ultimatums and or else's but there is a dire need for
Bioware to understand that there's just not enough gamers in our region and to merge the servers or offer transfers
Or xrealm pvp pve queues would be a the best thing they can do for this community
EOL Marster Dar Nala
ULAC Dalbora