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Name: Clan Epsis

Server: Jung-Ma

Allegiance: Empire / Artus Lok (Mandalore the Vindicated

Recuitment Video: Found HERE


Clan Epsis is a Mandalorian based RP - PvP - PvE guild that seeks to enhance the competitive competency of PvP on the Jung Ma server while simultaneously improving the community and role playing opportunities on the Sith Empire side. We are currently recruiting any Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent (willing to adopt a more Mandalorian RP style, as opposed to CIA agent RP), and Sith Warrior (also willing to adopt a Mandalorian RP style and dress; i.e.: vibroblades instead of lightsabers, and bounty hunter or agent looking gear). We encourage every member to become integrated into the guild’s unscripted storyline so their character can influence the direction of it!

Current Plot: (updated as of 8.13.13)


Clan Epsis was once an honorable clan that was very exclusive until its leader, Creedy Epsis, vanished and was claimed to have been killed after torturing children. While many within the clan believe this is slander, it has never been confirmed. Creedy's protégé Dreg assumed the title of Alor, only to be sneered at by the current Mandalorians. They abandoned the Clan, not wanting the dishonor to fall upon their names as well. Despite a pazaak deck stacked against him, Dreg got lucky in finding Mandalorians that have helped shape the fate of their family.

Clan Epsis is now a name that is both sneered at with contempt and admired, depending on whom you sepak with. Despite that, they carry on, uncaring of the opinions of those that do not pay their fees or give them wars to fight. Their allegience is to Mandalore, his contract with the Empire, and to one another.


Tragedy has befallen Epsis! After just recovering from a Rakata virus that affected the Zabraks within the Epsis family, the Alor of Epsis was capture and the dissapearence of a few other clan members has caused Epsis to re-examine whether something lurking behind the shadows is striking at them. An old member named Trace seems to be the faceless shadow from Epsis' past that now seeks to take advantage of the confusion and profit from the misfortune of the clan.

What will your part be? Do you have what it takes to follow the Resol'nare and claim glory and honor for yourself amongst brothers of war??

What We Offer:

A Forum to interface and RP with fellow guild members. You can share pictures, creative stories you've written, or even a movie you found odd or amusing.

A Ventrillo server that can be utilized for PvP, PvE, or just hanging out!

A unique RP style that attempts to get away from the “evil” Sith attitude, while not turning into a “care bear” roleplaying group. We offer an in game bounty system that pays out in credits.

In Game support that provides new or experienced players assistance in leveling, knowledge and competent group members. While Mandalorians are self-sufficient, they also do not leave a clan member on their own. Clan Epsis currently has 4 bank tabs and is saving up for a fifth to continually provide storage space for the amount of item support people require to level and gear up!

In Game RP and PvP events that are centralized around furthering guild and character plots! Whether its a plantary hunt, a search and destroy, or a patrol, Clan Epsis RPs outside of the cantina to develop interactive and immersive storylines within the clan, as well as outside of it! We have 1-4 events a WEEK that involve RP and PvP. We also encourage our members to develop their own events! We also host PvP WZ premades on a consistent basis to gear up and familiarize our members with objective based PvP.

A laid back PvE setting. We're new to PvE, so those that feel intimidated with Operation groups can enjoy a relaxed and fun PvE setting as we become more familiar with the Operations!

A promotional system not based off of tenure but SKILL. This is a Mandalorian Clan; and what would a Mandalorian clan be without a competitive system that respects skill and determination over friendship and tenure? It wouldn’t be Mandalorian.

In-Game Contacts:


If you think you have what it takes to join our numbers and claim glory and honor for yourself... we urge you to hunt us down and test your mettle against our little aliit (family). You can being the process HERE!!

Clan Epsis
Guild leader
Dreg Level 65 Juggernaught | Ava Level 55 Operative