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The republic is an archaic beast with no more usefulness than a pile of trash. They do not accomplish anything except further loss of life.

Kregan laughed whirling her saber around her defensively My injuries are of no matter. I have dealt with far more powerful adversaries than you two! She then disappeared into stealth Come now find me!

Evelyn noddedIt was meant for a larger ship than this. We know the risks. But we have to fight with what we have Graal. Get the rest of the fleet to finish the Imperials off.
Zero quickly droped her deployable cover to avaod the shot, wondering what mean was doing. he had hit his stealth belt before she attacked, and had not yet sneak attacked someone, which was unusuall "What are you doing, mean?" she thought. Zero had to act fast, outnumbered 2 to 1, with one of them a jedi. she tossed a flashbang, hopeing to maybe get the jedi who had stealthed by supprise with it