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Really, only 30 minutes...that is basically enough time for introductions..

1. I understand that new tier of gear will be coming out with 1.4. Will the new gear follow suite as Black Hole where only purchased with comms? If so, will those that spent hours and hours gear grinding for Black Hole gear get any credit toward the new gear? Possibly a trade plus 10 new gear comms vs having to start from scratch.

2. How many hours are added to personal story line?

3. Will there be any additional to companion(s) story line?

4. Will Sub accounts be able to mail items / credits to F2P accounts and vise versa?

5. I noticed BW is now down to only 8 US servers. How will this affect lag and server load when F2P hits? Will Subs have priority in Que times?

6. Will Subs have priority to group finder Que's?
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