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Evelyn laughed Begin firing sequence for the prototype Laser cannon. Full power. Blow those ships into oblivion. The crew scrambled around making sure all the setting were correct then when everything was set Markos hit a button that fired the massive cannon towards the imperial fleet. Its beam tore through several ships in its path destroying them before dissipating Test successful! Fire another shot to wipe out the remaining ships they cannot stand our fire power.

Hadock continued to pound on the door to Naras room Open up you idiots we have bording parties to take care of!

Kregan stopped Zarron halfway to the med center I'm fine now. My wounds aren't to severe. I'll help fight off those two enemies then we need to go to the bridge.

Helvec laughed You talk as if your people do not desire war Rafeesh something that is inherent to all your people. You fail to have witnessed their brutality first hand you failed to see them murder thousands. Republic, Imperial it does not matter the side you choose your people will always be murderers and for that they shall have to pay a price!