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09.20.2012 , 12:19 PM | #17
As I previously stated, Canderous Ordo did not have an official schedule for NM Pilgrim, or even anything close. Most guilds seemed to rush their guilds to Voss when it was available to get it done. I don't think this is a good way to do it, but if old JC guilds are going to come here posting that, "We don't need the schedule reposted because we know our own times" and expecting CO guilds to just not run their kills then it's your own faults if you get beat to it. This is not directed at Ice, as his first page post was more than reasonable about asking to share his previous time. This is more direct at people that think a new schedule is unnecessary or that CO guilds should be forced into a secondary position when it comes to finding new times to do the boss.

If someone wants to start up a schedule, or post a list of times they know are being run, I'd do my best to try and spread the word that people should check here. But until then, I have no sympathy for anyone that complains about it being a cluster****.

Guilds from CO that I know:

Barely Lethal (Imperial) runs at 11:00 AM EST Thursday mornings. No one else seemed to be there, so I assume this time will still be available to them every week.

Bloodline (Republic) has been running roughly 8:00 PM EST Monday nights, but usually has had to compete to get there with last minute pugs or other guilds, so the time is not always set in stone. If someone usually takes this time and another is available we'd be willing to try something else.