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09.20.2012 , 11:54 AM | #8
I agree that as long as everyone focuses same kill order, any order is fine.
When I tank I set kill order as :
Big guy on right then the left and middle last. here's my reasoning.
The only one that can be taunted is the middle guy. I can keep him agro'd on me the whole fight by taunting him when it's up. This keeps him off the healer and everyone else. Since You can't taunt the right or left at all during the fight, they tend to bounce targets and hit the healer. I want them dead sooner to stop the healers and DPS from panicking thru the whole fight.
I basically tell eveyone to stack on the middle , so the right and left don't go running around. This allows healer to aoe heal and dps to spam AOE
When the left and right die the adds spawn, I AOE taunt the adds to the middle so the dps can AOE them down.