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Zarrron saw Kregan there next to him. Damn it. Ok I will help. He then picked her up and began to bring her to a med center. Though he left a bomb with a motion censor just in case the agents followed him.
Zero continued to wait a moment, untill she lifted her hand to her earpeice "Mean, the target may have fled, I am moving up, be carfull, it could be a trap." Zero slowly crept up the hallway, putting her back against the wall next to the corner Zarron had been hiding behind. she pulled out a handlheld mirror, and used it to peak around the corner. "Motion detection bombs. amatures." Zero grabed an empty vial out of her pocket, as mean appeared next to her

"Take cover!" she flung the vial down the hallway, and leaned away from the explosion. "Advance,but slowly. we don't know if he left any more supprises for us" the two flip around the corner and continue down the hallway