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I just had to quit a team in an Esseles run last night because this guy (with this same mentality as the OP) refused to slow down long enough for others to get off the Elevators. It was not an issue with me, but I noticed the rest of the team getting stuck on the previous levels because this guy would not stop leaping in to battle before the rest of the team could use the elevators to join the rest of the party.

I politely asked him, "Can we please wait for the others to use the elevators before attacking the mobs?

His response, "They should keep up"

Instant ignored and quit the team with an apology to the others.

People's lack of patience makes them the true annoying party members. Not the one's who would like to watch the story.

I myself spacebar through the story, but if somebody wants to watch it, then so be it, I kick back and watch it too.
Well done!
Well done!

I have run into this mentality a few times now

Worst one was a guildy (at the time, no longer) would not stop and heal after fights and would run off into next fight. I was playing my sage healer and asked for him to slow down and heal up between fights please.

He told my it was my only job to keep him healed and thats only reason I was there

Strangly enough he died next encounter and after that (with out a word being said) he would stop and heal for a second or 2 after combats!

Also ran into this mememememe mentality in CTS

Again was on as my sage and said /1 healer lfg or partner for CTS (I routinely 2 man CTS with this character)
Got a responce by a tank and a DPS so added them both and they wanted me to use my DPS companion.

OK, I usually use Qyzen as hes got 21k health and a taunt to control fights but since we had a tank player all should be good!

Well we wipe first pull because tank is not taunting so nadia (DPS companion) and I have all the argo and die.

So I pull out Qyzen and say "I need him to taunt so im open to heal everyone"

Well these two terrified im breaking the holy trinity of 2 dpser, tank, healer start going off on me and finally just had enough and pulled the first fight figuring seeing for themselves would be better then anything I could say. We handle first fight fine with not even a close call.

So all is good right?

Nope they still demanding Nadia.
I move to second floor and now one calling me a troll for insulting her tank ability by using a tank companion (in hindsite I guess I kinda was but she didn't taunt and we wiped because of it. A level 50 Vanguard shouldn't have to be told to taunt in a group, it should be standard practice) then other one summons her MUCH WEAKER dps (was in under 50 gear) companion to over ride and remove mine!

Having no desire to fight with these 2 mental cases I just quit group and left not wanting to fight with them and their overly strict group design ideals that everyone else must follow.

And suddenly these two start filling Black Hole with " *name* is a terrible healer and dont group him and blah blah blah"

Got anouther partner in a couple minutes and we two maned CTS with no drama, no near calls, no wipes, no problem!

As I left BH that night those 2 were still screaming about me and asking for a healer to join them.
They both hit ignore after that

Sad truth of matter is some people really think you are there for THEM ONLY and to play THEIR WAY ONLY
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it