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Wrong-o. There are a lot of servers that just got merged, so none of us know when anyone runs this thing, unless you were on the same server.

And if you think you rate higher if you were already on JC, then wrong again. This is a brand new server that happens to have the same name as the old one, so we've all been on this server the exact same amount of time.

That said, I don't really care if there's a schedule or not. I just wanted to reply to this rather narrow-minded and unhelpful post.
Wrong-O lol Well you should check your facts this is not a new server it is an upgraded destination server Jedi Covenant has been here the whole time. Please read quote from the Server Consolidation FAQ " We have upgraded destination servers in order to support a significantly higher number of players. As of tomorrow, all characters on origin servers will be automatically moved onto the upgraded high population destination servers."
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