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I just had to quit a team in an Esseles run last night because this guy (with this same mentality as the OP) refused to slow down long enough for others to get off the Elevators. It was not an issue with me, but I noticed the rest of the team getting stuck on the previous levels because this guy would not stop leaping in to battle before the rest of the team could use the elevators to join the rest of the party.

I politely asked him, "Can we please wait for the others to use the elevators before attacking the mobs?

His response, "They should keep up"

Instant ignored and quit the team with an apology to the others.

People's lack of patience makes them the true annoying party members. Not the one's who would like to watch the story.

I myself spacebar through the story, but if somebody wants to watch it, then so be it, I kick back and watch it too.
Was in a similar situation when i was healing in a FP a couple days ago, the guy wouldn't listen either and kept on going, i just let him die a couple times, he learned his lesson
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