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09.20.2012 , 04:04 AM | #4
After a lot of time, a valor rank of 88, full Arsenal Elimitaor WH gear fully augmented, after I've played countless hours in PV with Arsenal spec, AFTER reading the stupid patch notes for 1.4 I decided to go Bodyguard spec because I'm VERY sick of all the idiocy BW can pull out of the sack for our beloved class every patch.
This I do only because I don't want to stop PVPing and i will change spec in bodyguard for PvP, hoping to be at least of some better use in WZs, and in Arsenal for PvE, because at least in ops there will be no hindrancies at all to have our electro dart on 10m range and/or a root on our punch instead of a knockback.
At least in PvE arsenal spec is one of the best and always seekd out for the output damage and utility for the entire group/ops.
These are my 2 cents... sigh...