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09.20.2012 , 12:12 AM | #1
Same classes are getting buffed accross the board every patch as far as their trees go. We are continuously getting nerfed non stop. OH BOY! I get an interupt. Meanwhile, every other class can still out DPS me. You took away the one awesome abilility we had, our knockback, and now these other classes like Muraders of all classes are getting buffed in on of their other trees, YET AGAIN? Come on someone wake up for crying out loud at Bioware and get this class in shape. Their are muraders on our server that hold highest DPS records already who use rage spec, and their buffing this? You folks at Bioware couldn't figure out anything what so ever to do with the arsenal tree? Now we'll have to wait another 4 months to be dissappointed yet again from lack of anything what so ever being properly buffed the merc tree. I know there were a few changes made to the healer spec, but they weren't anything really good to be honest. Our heals still are the worse compared to Operatives and Sorcs.