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I would trust them for helping our military fight the sith. For becoming apart of the senate, I am not sure. All I know is that they are good warriors and would help us a lot. If they are willing to fight the sith with us and help us stop these so called true mandalorians then I think they should be allowed on the senate. said mal
Fair enough Sabrina smiled, at mal. Well, I am off to get some sleep till we get back to the captial. I may not get much chance, whenwe get their. So she finshed her tea, got up started to head out? Do you think, the jedi order could assign you to me! For short term advice, and protection. Sabrina liked the idea, of jedi protecting her. It would stop anyone thinking, that she was a sith if anyone thought that. She could try work out, the inner working of the jedi which would help later. Unless your busy, of course. She waited for a reply, at the door way.

ooc when you do answer tooeasy, mod me to a bed then wake me when we get their. other wise we never get back