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And what your Emperor used us, during the Mandalorian wars. He didn't care that we were almost completely killed out. They have used us in ways that are too horrible to imagine. There are those who choose not to follow the call of Mandalore. I wish it were otherwise. I wish that there would be peace in this Galaxy, If there were peace then we could explore beyond this Galaxy, maybe even learn more about this Galaxy. Don't you see that this war is causing millions of people to die for no reason other than the unknown goals of your Emperor? For all you know he might kill all of you once he has defeated the Republic. Rafeesh's voice was full of hatred, sadness, and wonder.

Nothing personal. Just not sure..... you willing to kill your proper 'leader'? Blast activated his ships doors which slid open, as he spoke. When both were on the doors shut behind them.
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