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Great Games have Great Communities

This is an event to help foster a great server community


This is open to both Imperial and Republic folks. This is also a Guild Rush Event as well. Sent out some Representatives for your guild and folks looking for guilds then can talk to different folks and get hooked up with a guild that suits their needs. We do a one stop shop for folks looking for guild to join.

Post here if your Guild would like to participate - and spread the word. I will list all participating guilds here.

After all if we want to have a great community to continue to enjoy the game we need to start somewhere

We have one every month. We always have a great time and who doesn't love a Party

Location - Silppery Slopes Cantina
Lower Promenade Nar Shadaa

When - 9:00 pm Server Time Friday September 27th

(Will always be the last Friday each month)

Put on your Party clothes and come have some fun

See you all there.

Fell free to contact me in game with any questions.

Guilds Participating :
*Rissa (55 Sorc) * Cielle (55 Merc)* Irrissa (55 Op) Ko'neko (55 Mara)
*Minalde (55 Sage)* Aubrei (55 Scound)* Cleindori (55 Sent) Rosaleen (55 Com)