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I would like to give a shout-out to Garjida.

He is a Jedi Guardian who uses tank spec but he hits like a truck and is damn near impossible to kill. I can recall in a Huttball match the other day him leaping to me and forcing me to run back towards the ball spawn where everyone was fighting instead of letting me just afk in the pit. He chased me all around that game and I could never take him down. This guy is seriously a B-O-S-S. Anyone who sees him coming should just run, not that running does you any good since he can just leap to you.
Haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

My top 3 class list:
Sents : Drazzen, Manilo, Koenig
Guardians: Reckoner, Leife, Averth
Shadow : Shamaya, Murk, Dizeren
Sage : Bay, Alecia, Hollie
Scoundrel : Kilberto, Arina, Kloma
Gunslinger : Airsean (saw him on the other night so he counts), numerodos, can't think of anyone else who stands out.
Commando : Dimitrios, Riddic, N/A
Vanguard : Ordas, Peyton, Tuvor
Maras: Rayzr, Arash, N/A
Juggs : Lakas, Namrek* (spelling?), Baniv
Assassin : Claws, Joshurrad, Triggle
Sorcs: Zake, Notte, Satanas
Op : Defribula, Noland, Whinny*
Sniper : Lanurb, Malren, O'pii
Mercenary : Dashto, Paradox, Stormrider
Powertech : Texmex, Raando, Zihnn (honestly, I just can't leave out Jerc because he may be one of the best)

There's alot more great players I could name but I wanted to stick with top 3. I also tried to avoid using people's alts or mains that I already included. Just my opinion
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