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The level of customer service is acutally higher in the in-game ticket than the forum. They are obligated to acknowledge/response/attend to your request. They may or may not be able to help but they at least cannot just ignore it.

The reason I suggest in-game ticket is because I was told some people had successfully requested transfers that way. Even if unsuccessful, the in-game-CS may escalate the issue after we keep creating work for him.

I imagine the forum / suggestion box is a more "ignoreable now" basket. It will probably be added to a wish list of hundreds if not thousands.

In-game ticket is actually "Requesting" them to ACTION it now for your account, instead of just "Suggesting" to them to implement something for everyone in the future.
I've tried tickets for transfers, atleast 8 times for transfer. Same response "can only transfer from origin to selected US servers. Paid transfers may become available in near future blah blah blah"
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